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8 x 1 inch CBN Grinding Wheel / 200x25x32 (coarse, no side coating)


Coarse grit 80/100, no side coating - in stock in the US

:  at  $172.00  each

The CBN grinding wheels have been specifically designed for woodturners and have a bore of 1.25”. They are supplied with useful information, such as rotational speed etc

CBN is also known by its trade name as Borazon and are suitable for the grinding of woodturning tools which are usually made from High-Speed Steel (HSS). The grinding wheels also work perfectly well on other woodturning tools.

This wheel is a standard grit 80/100.  With this grit you get an excellent stock removal and at the same time a most desirable edge for your tools.

The CBN wheels will allow a wide range of operating speeds as follows:

Grinding Wheel Speed CBN
m/s sfm Ø(inch) U/min, rpm
13 2,600 150 (6") 1,650
21 4,200 150 (6") 2,680
13 2,600 200 (8") 1,250
21 4,200 200 (8") 2,000
best speed 17m/s, resp. 3,360 sfm

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